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For 17 years and eight albums, I See Hawks In LA’s distinctive take on honky tonk and psychedelic country rock has taken crowds from tears to grins to epiphanies. This house band for the hippy diaspora - a sort of rural Steely Dan - have been labelled the finest country rock band on the planet.

To say that The Hawks traipse down a ‘going their own way’ path through Americana and classic country doesn’t quite begin to describe this bands wide open vision. They take the old forms and add musical and lyrical complexity, irreverent wit and oft-psychedelic perspective.

With a signature dense three part harmony sound embellished by innovative telecaster and steel or unadorned acoustic arrangements they are firmly established as Southern California’s top country/folk/rock band.

Their odes to the endless highway and wry social commentary has garnered them a loyal following around the world.



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