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French for 'night-owl,' Noctambule are Marla Fibish and Bruce Victor from San Francisco.
They play a variety of musical forms - traditional Irish tunes and songs, their own compositions written in traditional forms, and compelling settings of a broad range of poetry.

This unique collaboration brings out surprising qualities in these seasoned musicians. Their work is rendered with lush beauty, sensitivity and humour on an unusual array of strings - different guitars in varied tunings, mandola, mandolin, cittern, tenor guitar - and their blended voices.

In performance, Bruce and Marla take you on a journey. Their love of traditional music shines through their instruments. They wrap you in their exquisitely crafted songs, bringing diverse selections of poetry to life with music and voice.

Marla is one of the prominent voices of the mandolin in Irish music. She brings a deep and distinctive sensibility to the music on one of its lesser heard instruments. Bruce is an eclectic and accomplished guitarist and composer, who plays different guitars in different tunings. Seemingly resisting any single musical genre, he has been labeled a 'poly-stylist' by one of the editors of Acoustic Guitar magazine.



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The List, Dame House, 24 - 26 Dame Street, Dublin D02 C861, Republic of Ireland.