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Dublin-born musician Jack Casey aka Embrz, is all about lush melodies, epic moments and a naturally whimsical tone, often laced with nostalgic vocals. His music sonically oozes playfulness, maturity and is emotional electronic music at its core. T

The self-taught multi-instrumentalist weaves a plethora of influences, to provide rounded and organic sounding music. Finding it difficult to identify with one specific genre, Embrz defines himself as a pioneer of emotional dance music.

Jack Cassey started out age 10 on the guitar, by age 15 he was playing in bands and writing music. Jack’s musical interests always stretched beyond the guitar, however, it wasn’t until he heard deadmau5, more specifically the anthemic “I Remember”, that he decided to explore the world of electronic music.


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The List, Dame House, 24 - 26 Dame Street, Dublin D02 C861, Republic of Ireland.