Johnny McEvoy

Irish singer and entertainer Johnny McEvoy is a Country and Irish genre Performer, born in Banagher, County Offaly, Ireland.

Johnny McEvoy has been one of the most enduring and talented singer/songwriters in these islands over the past 50 years. His concert performance is second to none with his songs beautifully delivered in truly artistic fashion and story telling of the finest order.

Past Shows

January 23rd,2020
January 19th,2020
January 18th,2020
January 12th,2020
January 10th,2020
November 21st,2019
November 16th,2019
March 31st,2019
March 9th,2019
February 23rd,2019
February 22nd,2019
February 21st,2019
February 19th,2019
February 10th,2019
November 10th,2018
October 17th,2018
March 16th,2018
March 10th,2018
February 24th,2018
February 23rd,2018
February 16th,2018
February 3rd,2018
February 2nd,2018
February 1st,2018
November 18th,2017
November 5th,2017


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