Neil Delamere

Award-winning comedian Neil Delamere is one of the top acts working in the Irish comedy scene today, well known to audiences for his regular television appearances on RTE and the BBC as well as his hilarious sell-out stand up tours.

With stellar reviews as well as a number of platinum-selling DVDs under his belt, Neil has turned his attention to comedy documentaries, writing and presenting IFTA Award- and Celtic Media Award-winning TV programmes on the Vikings and St. Patrick. His four part series on heroes from Ireland’s past, Holding out for a Hero, was recently broadcast as part of RTE 2’s autumn schedule.

Never one to sit around, Neil is also back in the hot seat with The Blame Game, the perennially popular BBC panel show.

Forthcoming Shows

Past Shows

April 3rd,2020
March 7th,2020
March 6th,2020
February 28th,2020
February 22nd,2020
February 15th,2020
February 13th,2020
February 7th,2020
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January 16th,2020
January 11th,2020
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