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Box Office: 021 427 0022
Address: Apartment 1 , Emmet House , Emmett Pl

Cork Opera House has had a glorious history of both culture and architecture dating back to its inception in 1852 when it was first built onAnglesea Street to house the National Exhibition.

As it was designed by the much celebrated architect Sir John Benson, the structure was deconstructed brick by brick to be rehoused on Emmet Place or as it was known then, Nelson Place. When first built this beautiful structure was known as the Athenaeum, and, finally became known as Cork City’s beloved Cork Opera House in 1877.

Cork Opera House is southern Ireland’s premiere venue for the best concerts, comedy, drama, dance, family fare, and, of course, opera.

Located in the heart of Cork City, the Opera House has been a Cork cultural institution for nearly 160 years and will continue to strive to present and produce both indigenous and international top class acts for the people of Cork and further afield.

| October 5th, 2018
| February 24th, 2018
| March 16th, 2018
| March 16th, 2018
| April 11th, 2018
| April 12th, 2018
| April 13th, 2018
| April 14th, 2018
| April 15th, 2018
| April 28th, 2018
| April 28th, 2018
| April 29th, 2018
| April 29th, 2018
| October 6th, 2018


The List, Dame House, 24 - 26 Dame Street, Dublin D02 C861, Republic of Ireland.